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Flying Insect Killers

Tar o Mar flying insect killer is specially formulated to kill all flying insects fast such as mosquito,fly and…without any harmful effect. Features: Extra power

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Crawling Insect Killers

  .Tar O Mar crawling insect killer with advanced formula is effective against all crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, moths and etc. It is

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Ant Killer Spray

Tar O Mar Ant Killer Spray is a quick killer of ants and it kills bugs fast–on contact and it keeps on killing with residual

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Moth Killer

Tar O Mar Moth Killer Spray is a water-based spray delivering rapid knock down and kill of clothes moths. This advanced formula is suitable for

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Cockroaches Killer Bait

  Cockroaches Killer Bait Cockroaches will be lured from their hiding places and will begin to eat the bait. You should expect to see fewer

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Electronic Mat Vaporizer

Tar o Mar dual electrical mosquito killer is small set a great function and easy to use. This set makes the mat active effectively and

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