Tar O Mar - FLYING INSECT KILLER - odourless


Tar o Mar flying insect killer is specially formulated to kill all flying insects fast such as mosquito,fly and...without any harmful effect.
Features :
  • Fast effect
  • Extra power
  • Non allergenic
  • Odourless


How to Use :


  •  Shake well before using.
  • Point spray nozzle away from face and press button, holding container as upright as possible.
  • Spray into the air with a sweeping motion, keeping about three feet from interior walls, fabrics and furniture, until the room is thoroughly misted.
  • For Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, and Asian Lady Beetles: Spray directly.
  • Exit the treated area and keep room closed for 15 minutes.
  • Ventilate room thoroughly before re-entry.
  • When used outdoors, spray when air is calm or with the wind in slight breeze


Precautions :


  • Remove people and pets from area of treatment.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
  • If in eyes: Call Doctor.Hold eye open and rinse with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, then continue rinsing eye.
  • If swallowed:Call Doctor.Have product with you when you call or go for treatment.
  • Environmental Hazards: This product is highly toxic to bees. Do not use on or near blooming crops or weeds while bees are actively visiting the area.




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