Tar O Mar - Outdoor Filth Flies

Outdoor Filth Flies

General Info

  •  Also known as House Fly, Blow Fly, Green Bottle Fly, Blue Bottle Fly, Flesh Fly
  •  Filth breeding flies are scavengers attracted to moist organic matter to both lay their eggs and take a meal


Where They Breed

  •     Fly larvae or “maggots” breed in many different outdoor areas, from composting plant material to manure, garbage, and decaying animal carcasses

What They Want From You

  •     These flies are attracted to food odors and the offer of a free meal

Why They’re A Problem

  •     As they feed, these flies can pick up germs and filth on their bodies and then redeposit them wherever they land
  •     Indoors, they are a nuisance as they hover around food, particularly in the kitchen and living room

Tips & Tricks

  •     Tightly cover garbage cans and waste receptacles and seal garbage bags
  •     Take out indoor garbage regularly
  •     Do not leave doors and windows open to keep flies from entering
  •     Inspect screens for holes and loose edges that may allow flies to enter
  •     Store food in sealed containers and keep fruit refrigerated
  •     Remove all moist organic matter where flies are breeding, particularly in areas close to the outside of the home