Tar O Mar - Indoor Breeding Flies

Indoor Breeding Flies

General Info

  •     In warm weather these flies can grow from an egg to an adult incredibly fast (7-14 days)
  •     The larvae or “maggots “are very small and often not even noticeable
  •     Common names for these small flies are fruit flies, vinegar flies, moth flies, and fungus gnats


Where They Breed

  •     These small flies breed in drains/garbage disposals, moist flower pots, garbage cans, ripening fruit, or around any dampness created by plumbing leaks

What They Want From You

  •     These flies are looking for decaying food as a breeding site

Why They’re A Problem

  •     Indoor breeding flies can be annoying and will multiply quickly unless promptly controlled
  •     They contaminate our food by laying their eggs on things we eat

Tips & Tricks

  •     Empty garbage cans regularly
  •     The key to solving an indoor breeding fly problem is to locate and remove the item that is attracting the adult fly – this will often solve the immediate problem
  •     Remove or refrigerate over-ripe fruits and vegetables
  •     These flies can also breed in mops that are continuously moist and not rinsed properly after use
  •     Clean out recyclables and empty bins regularly - these flies can breed in residue left in beverage cans and other recyclables
  •     Use a wire brush or drain cleaner to remove eggs/larvae from drains