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About Us

Tar O Mar

Fouman Chimie company is offering Tar O Mar, first and most recognized brand in the insecticide products .

Our values

Commitment to the long term: investing in research and manufacturing facilities, constantly striving to improve our products and service
Building trust: we know we must earn this through our actions each and every day.


Our History

For over 30 years Tar O Mar has been developing its own range of consumer products and manufacturing these to exacting standards in our own state-of-the-art facilities. Bring the world's best technology to you through its trusted brands.

  1. Green Products Label Certificate in 2014 . Tehran
  2. R & D  2008 to present
  3. Company Developed in 2004 · 2004 · Liquid products
  4. Win award of customer 2001 · Certified Master
  5. Tar O Mar presented by Fouman Chimie  in 1990 · Iran, Tehran